Zak Catchem Shares His Insights on Transforming Your Passion into Action


All bark and no bite make your world dull. If you got an idea, why waste it on laziness and procrastination? Bring a change in the world you live in by investing in your passions and ideas. These are not quotes from famous or successful people. These are the inner persuasions of every human being; the inner monologue that drives ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Well, if all men have this urge, why are there only a handful of achievers in the world? One of the reasons is “’we don’t listen enough to our inner voice,” according to entrepreneur and YouTuber Zak Catchem. Here, he shares his insights to convert your passion into action.

Set small goals and build gradually

Why do so many people start well but find themselves losing focus and interest in what they have set out to achieve? Zak Catchem says that the reason for such false starts is the lack of judgment in people. Most people do not consider the everyday workload demanded by the goal. They just jump into a resolution without giving it much thought. Often, they bite more than they can chew, says Zak.

Forgive yourself but not too easily

Wavered from your resolve? Feeling guilty? Do not waste too much time feeling guilty. Pull up your socks and get back to work. As self-punishment for the brief violation, do more work than intended for the day, says Zak Catchem.

Remember: Honesty starts with honesty to self

You can never fool another person without fooling yourself first. The statement holds true the other way too, says Zak Catchem. According to him, every individual’s dishonesty to his/her own self collectively hinders the progress of society.

This final point is a brutal and uneasy truth that we all face today. We are indeed guilty if we don’t render action to our passion. Zak Catchem’s insights are harsh and refreshing at the same time. But what’s interesting is that they are practical and easy to apply.

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