Soothing Scalp Tonics


The Dove Amplified Textures Hydration Boost Scalp Tonic is packaged in a way that makes soothing a flaky, itchy or otherwise irritated scalp easy, thanks to its precision nozzle that helps to focus the product straight on impacted areas. The product is made with soothing aloe, niacinamide and glycerin hydrate, so that dryness can be reduced and curls, coils and waves can be nourished at the same time.

The scalp tonic for textured hair is made with Dove’s Amplifying Blend and without sulfates, parabens and dyes. The leave-in treatment offers a gentle way to care for protective styles and a variety of natural hair textures, and it’s even safe on colored hair.

After applying the no-rinse tonic directly onto the scalp, Dove recommends massaging it in with the fingertips.

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