Single-Use Plastic Timepieces


The Shinola ‘The Sea Creatures’ watch is a stylish accessory that makes use of an unexpected material to offer wearers with a decidedly more sustainable alternative to other options on the market.

The timepiece features a 40mm case that’s crafted using #tide granules that are made from recycled single-use plastics to put a focus on a durable, eco-friendly construction. The watch is paired with a #tide yarn strap that’s durable, comfortable and very easy to care for.

The Shinola ‘The Sea Creatures’ watch is paired with an Argonite 715 movement for a highly accurate user experience and comes in five color options to choose from. Priced at $450, the watch comes in an upcycled airline uniform pouch for carrying the accessory, as a smartphone carrier and more.

Image Credit: Shinola

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