Plastic-Free Lip Balm Packaging


Lip balm packaging is traditionally crafted with a plastic construction, so the Eco Lips ‘Plant Pod’ lip balm tube has been unveiled by the brand in a bid to help offer consumers a more sustainable option to feel good about.

The packaging is made without any plastic elements in the mix as well as no polymers, heavy metals, phthalates or BPA used either. The packaging is available now for purchase directly from the brand with a rollout to retailers taking place in the coming months.

Founder and CEO of Eco Lips Steve Shriver spoke on the new Eco Lips ‘Plant Pod’ lip balm tube saying, “Eco Lips doesn’t give lip service to sustainability — we live it every day, from our organic and fair trade ingredient sourcing, manufacturing running on 100% renewable energy, and now our NEW 100% plastic free packaging, we’re truly ‘eco’ in every sense of the word.”

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