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Social media platform Instagram is planning to introduce a new feature that will filter out the offensive comments, as per a report by PhoneArena. This would be an AI tool to help flag and block any offensive use of language on the platform. Users will also be able to set certain words in their to-be-blocked list manually. Currently, Instagram has a Hide Offensive Comments tool to help filter out the language use. The options can be accessed through Settings from under the Privacy subsection.
The new AI algorithm to weed out the ‘unsuitable’ words and other content is reportedly under testing phase right now. It is supposed to sort through such content and prevent it from reaching your feed. As to how it will select the offensive words, the report adds that the ability of the AI to find offensive words would be based on commonly reported words on the platform by people on Instagram.
Speaking of new features, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app has launched another TikTok inspired feature called Remix for Reels. The new feature works like TikTok Duet and it enables users to remix a Reel by pairing their video with other users.
Instagram revealed that it has been testing the feature since October with select users. The company has now started a global roll out of the Remix feature. The new Instagram Reels Remix feature will be enabled by default for every new Reel. In case users want to remix their older Reels then they will have to enable the feature manually. In order to enable the Remix feature, users have to tap on the three dot menu of the Reel and then select ‘enable remixing’.

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