Elevated Expanding Yachts


The Galeon 500 FLY is a 16.2-meter luxury yacht that has an integrated beach mode. In beach mode, the sides of the yacht fold down to increase the surface area of the main deck. The foldout concept also creates an open bar on the port side. This innovative feature makes the Galeon 500 FLY ideal for consumers looking to entertain regularly on the water. Adding further to the yacht’s charm, the aft sofa 360 degrees, allowing for comfortable bar seating or panoramic oceanside views.

The Galeon 500 FLY boasts a powerful 725 horsepower engine with a max load of 4,270 kilograms. The yacht features an elevated, modern interior with a luxurious master bedroom. The Galeon 500 FLY is being shipped to a client in Singapore in October, marking the yacht’s first-ever voyage on Singaporean waters.

Image Credit: Galeon

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